Qualitative Breakthrough Award


Welcome to the Qualitative Breakthrough Award, recognizing individuals who push the boundaries of qualitative research to uncover new insights, perspectives, and understandings. This esteemed award celebrates innovators who challenge conventional thinking and pave the way for transformative qualitative inquiry.

Award Overview:

The Qualitative Breakthrough Award honors individuals who demonstrate exceptional creativity, rigor, and impact in qualitative research, fostering deeper understanding and advancing knowledge across diverse fields and disciplines.


  • Open to researchers, scholars, and practitioners employing qualitative methods in their work
  • No age limits apply
  • Qualification: Demonstrated excellence in qualitative research methodology and analysis
  • Publications: Evidence of qualitative research findings published in peer-reviewed journals or presented at academic conferences
  • Recurrements: Continued engagement in qualitative research and innovation in methodological approaches

Evaluation Criteria:

Candidates will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  1. Innovation and originality in qualitative research design and methodology
  2. Depth and richness of insights generated through qualitative data analysis
  3. Contribution to advancing knowledge and understanding within a specific field or discipline
  4. Potential for broader impact on theory, practice, or policy

Submission Guidelines:

  • Submit a comprehensive biography highlighting qualitative research expertise and achievements
  • Include an abstract summarizing the qualitative breakthrough, methodology, and key findings
  • Provide supporting files such as research papers, interview transcripts, field notes, or qualitative data analyses


Recipients of the Qualitative Breakthrough Award will receive:

  • A prestigious award certificate
  • Recognition at a prominent academic conference or symposium
  • Opportunities for collaboration and networking with qualitative research experts and practitioners

Community Impact:

Winners of the award are expected to inspire and empower others in the qualitative research community, fostering a culture of innovation, reflexivity, and rigor in qualitative inquiry.


A detailed biography outlining the candidate's qualitative research background, expertise, and contributions to the field is required.

Abstract and Supporting Files:

Candidates must submit an abstract summarizing their qualitative breakthrough, methodology, and key findings, along with supporting files such as research papers, interview transcripts, field notes, or qualitative data analyses to showcase the depth and impact of their work.

Qualitative Breakthrough Award

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