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Vels Institute of Science, Technology and Advanced Studies , India

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Early Academic Pursuits:

Dr. Deepa Simon laid the foundation for her academic journey with a focus on chemistry. Her commitment to learning and research is evident from her early academic pursuits, which set the stage for her future contributions.

Professional Endeavors:

Dr. Simon has demonstrated her expertise through various professional roles. Her experience includes serving as an Assistant Professor at VIT Chennai and VELS University, where she played crucial roles such as class incharge, mentor, and project associate. Additionally, her contributions as a research associate underline her commitment to advancing scientific knowledge.

Contributions and Research Focus:

Throughout her career, Dr. Simon has actively contributed to both academia and industrial research. From developing course syllabi and engaging students in meaningful ways to her involvement in industrial R&D projects, her multifaceted contributions showcase a commitment to teaching, research, and practical applications of chemistry.

Accolades and Recognition:

Dr. Deepa Simon's dedication to her work has not gone unnoticed. Her involvement in sanctioned projects and research activities has earned her recognition, including funding for projects related to the development of pesticide tools and anti-ballistic gear for defense applications.

Impact and Influence:

In her roles as an Assistant Professor and Research Associate, Dr. Simon has left a lasting impact on students and colleagues alike. Her involvement in mentoring students, presenting research findings, and contributing to a positive learning environment reflects her influence on the academic community.

Legacy and Future Contributions:

Dr. Simon's legacy is marked by her contributions to applied research, particularly in areas like anticorrosive coatings, pesticide tools, and defense applications. Her future contributions are likely to build on this foundation, with potential breakthroughs in the practical applications of chemistry.

Future Contributions:

As she continues her career, Dr. Deepa Simon's future contributions may involve further advancements in her field, collaborations with industry partners, and the mentorship of future scientists. Her involvement in sanctioned projects indicates a commitment to pushing the boundaries of knowledge and contributing to solutions for real-world challenges.


Deepa Simon | chemistry | Excellence in Research

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