Dr. Jaganathan VM | Heat Transfer | Best Researcher Award

National institute of Technology Tiruchirappalli, India

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Early Academic Pursuits:

Dr. Jaganathan VM embarked on his academic journey with a strong foundation in Mechanical Engineering, earning his Bachelor's degree from Anna University. He continued to deepen his knowledge by pursuing a Master's degree in Energy Engineering from the College of Engineering, Guindy campus, followed by a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology Madras in 2019. His academic pursuits laid the groundwork for his future contributions to the field of energy and environment.

Professional Endeavors:

His professional journey encompasses a diverse range of roles, from serving as a Design Engineer at Fichtner Consulting Engineers (India) Pvt. Ltd. to his tenure as a Senior Engineer at Wipro EcoEnergy Pvt. Ltd. His experience extends to academia, where he has held positions as an Assistant Professor at R.M.K College of Engineering and Technology and currently at the Department of Energy and Environment, NIT Tiruchirappalli. Additionally, he has contributed to research as a Post-doctoral fellow at the Indian Institute of Technology Madras.

Contributions and Research Focus:

His research focuses on several key areas within the realm of energy and environment, including thermo-chemical conversion of solid fuels, bio-char applications, energy-efficient technologies, solar energy, and energy storage methods. His ongoing projects, such as the DST-funded project on biomass-driven trigeneration systems, underscore his commitment to addressing real-world challenges and improving livelihoods through innovative solutions.

Accolades and Recognition:

Throughout his career, Dr. Jaganathan has been recognized for his exemplary contributions to the field. Notable accolades include winning the TCS Best Project Award at the Shastra-TCS Innovation event held at IIT Madras in 2019 and receiving the Best Paper Award for his presentation at ICAER 2019. These honors highlight his dedication to advancing knowledge and making meaningful contributions to his field.

Impact and Influence:

Dr. Jaganathan's work has made a significant impact both in academia and industry. His research findings contribute to the development of sustainable energy solutions and have the potential to shape future policies and practices in the field of energy and environment. As an educator, he inspires students to explore innovative approaches to address global challenges related to energy and sustainability.

Legacy and Future Contributions:

Dr. Jaganathan's legacy lies in his ongoing pursuit of excellence in research, education, and innovation. Through his continued efforts, he aims to further advance our understanding of energy-efficient technologies and contribute to the development of sustainable solutions that benefit society and the environment. His future contributions are poised to leave a lasting impact on the field of energy and environmental engineering.


A total of 91 citations for his publications, demonstrating the impact and recognition of his research within the academic community.

  • Citations         91
  • h-index           6
  • i10-index        4

Notable Publications

AKSR Kannan Pandi , V.M. Jaganathan , S. Suresh
International Journal of Thermal Sciences
VM Jaganathan, S Varunkumar, RV Kumar, J Cuevas, C Maluk
VM Jaganathan, S Varunkumar
Zero Waste Biorefinery,
MDK Ramaswamy, V Thangarasu, VM Jaganathan, ...
Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers,
SV V. M. Jaganathan, Mani Kalyani Ambatapudi
Combustion Science and Technology
Jaganathan VM | Heat Transfer | Best Researcher Award

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