Mrs. Marta Sokół | Biodiversity and ecosystem services | Environmental Impact Award

Institute of Environmental and Energy Engineering - Doctoral School of Bialystok University of Technology, Poland

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Early Academic Pursuits:

Marta Sokół's academic journey commenced at the Bialystok University of Technology, where she pursued a dual-degree program in Spatial Management with exceptional dedication and achievement. Specializing in Geoinformation and Spatial Planning, Marta demonstrated a keen interest in the spatial complexities of her field, culminating in the successful completion of both her bachelor's and master's degrees with distinction. Her master's thesis, recognized by the President of the City of Bialystok for its insightful analysis of spatial issues, exemplifies her early academic promise and commitment to addressing real-world challenges through scholarly inquiry.

Professional Endeavors:

Transitioning seamlessly into her doctoral studies, Marta Sokół is currently a first-year PhD student at the Doctoral School of Bialystok University of Technology, focusing on environmental engineering, mining, and energy. This interdisciplinary approach underscores Marta's commitment to exploring the multifaceted aspects of environmental sustainability and resource management. Her academic pursuits reflect a deep-seated passion for advancing knowledge and practices in environmental science and engineering, positioning her as a promising young scholar in her field.

Contributions and Research Focus:

Marta's research endeavors center on the intersection of biodiversity ecosystem services, and sustainable land use management, particularly in the context of catchment protection in northeastern Poland. Her work employs a multi-criteria approach to assess the value of ecosystem services, offering valuable insights for informed decision-making and policy formulation. Marta's contributions extend beyond academia, as evidenced by her active participation in conferences, seminars, and collaborative projects aimed at advancing landscape ecology and environmental planning.

Accolades and Recognition:

Marta Sokół's scholarly achievements have garnered widespread recognition, exemplified by awards and accolades for her master's thesis and research contributions. Her publication in Ecological Indicators signifies the high impact and relevance of her work within the scientific community, underscoring Marta's growing influence as a researcher and thought leader in environmental engineering and landscape ecology. Moreover, her participation in prestigious conferences such as the IALE 2022 European Landscape Ecology Congress attests to the significance of her research on both national and international platforms.

Impact and Influence:

Marta's research has the potential to catalyze positive change in environmental policy, land management practices, and conservation efforts, particularly in northeastern Poland. By integrating scientific inquiry with practical applications, she seeks to bridge the gap between theory and practice, fostering sustainable solutions to pressing environmental challenges. Marta's interdisciplinary approach and collaborative spirit position her as a key player in efforts to promote environmental stewardship and resilience in the face of global environmental change.

Legacy and Future Contributions:

As Marta Sokół continues to advance in her academic and professional journey, her legacy is poised to encompass not only groundbreaking research findings but also a dedication to mentorship, collaboration, and advocacy for environmental sustainability. With a focus on promoting biodiversity ecosystem services, and sustainable land use practices, Marta's future contributions hold the promise of shaping more resilient and equitable environmental systems for generations to come. Her commitment to interdisciplinary scholarship and community engagement ensures that her work will have a lasting impact on environmental science and engineering.

Notable Publications

Biodiversity and ecosystem services: Complementary approach for catchment protection and land use in northeastern Poland

M Sokół, G Łaska

Multi-criteria decision-making methods in the assessment of spatial management and functioning of a selected river valley

M Sokół

A multi-criteria method for assessing the value of ecosystem services for catchment protection in Northeastern Poland

GŁ Marta Sokół

M Sokół
Marta Sokół | Biodiversity and ecosystem services | Environmental Impact Award

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