Dr. Rashida Bibi | Gariatric health | Best Researcher Award

Sarhad University, Peshawar, Pakistan

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Early Academic Pursuits

Rashida Bibi began her academic journey with a strong foundation in nursing, obtaining diplomas in Midwifery and Lady Health Visitors from Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi. She continued her education with a Post RN BSN from Khyber Medical University, where she excelled with a GPA of 3.94. Her commitment to education led her to pursue a Masters in Nursing from the same university, achieving a GPA of 3.37. Currently, she is completing her Ph.D. in Nursing at Zhengzhou University, China, demonstrating her dedication to advancing her knowledge and expertise in the field.

Professional Endeavors

Rashida Bibi has accumulated extensive experience in the nursing profession across various roles and institutions. She served as a Principal at Dir College of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences, where she effectively led the institution from April 2020 to October 2022. Prior to this, she worked as a Lecturer at Post Graduate Nursing College in Peshawar and as a Nursing Instructor at LRH School of Nursing. Her roles also include Infection Control Coordinator at Hayatabad Medical Complex and Mian Rashidudin Memorial Hospital. Rashida Bibi's diverse experiences have equipped her with a comprehensive understanding of nursing practices and leadership responsibilities.

Contributions and Research Focus

Throughout her career, Rashida Bibi has been dedicated to enhancing nursing practices through research and education. Her current focus on completing her Ph.D. in Nursing reflects her commitment to advancing knowledge in the field. Additionally, her participation in short courses and workshops on systematic review, data interpretation, and leadership development underscores her dedication to continuous learning and improvement.

Accolades and Recognition

Rashida Bibi's contributions to the nursing profession have been recognized through various accolades and training opportunities. She has received training from reputable organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and has participated in programs focused on women's leadership and community-based health initiatives.

Impact and Influence

Rashida Bibi's impact extends beyond her professional roles. As a nurse, educator, and leader, she has influenced and inspired countless individuals in the healthcare sector. Her expertise in infection control, nursing education, and community health programs has contributed to improved healthcare delivery and patient outcomes in the regions she has served.

Legacy and Future Contributions

Rashida Bibi's legacy lies in her dedication to advancing the nursing profession and improving healthcare systems. Her future contributions are poised to continue shaping the next generation of nurses through education, research, and leadership. With her ongoing Ph.D. studies and diverse professional experiences, Rashida Bibi is well-positioned to make significant contributions to nursing practice and healthcare in Pakistan and beyond.


Rashida Bibi | Gariatric health | Best Researcher Award

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