Ms. Sanjana Dutt | Remote Sensing | Best Researcher Award

Nicolaus Copernicus University, Toruń, Poland

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Early Academic Pursuits

Sanjana Dutt embarked on her academic journey with a Bachelor's degree in Geography from Loreto College, Kolkata, followed by a Master's degree from the University of Calcutta. Subsequently, she pursued a Post Graduate Diploma in Remote Sensing and GIS from Jadavpur University, Kolkata, before delving into doctoral studies at the Department of Geomatics and Cartography, Faculty of Earth Science and Spatial Management, Nicolaus Copernicus University, Toruń, Poland.

Professional Endeavors

Sanjana's professional trajectory is marked by a rich tapestry of experiences, reflecting her commitment to interdisciplinary research and skill enhancement. She augmented her academic pursuits with internships and workshops, including an internship on Google Earth Engine and Zonal Metrics at the University of Salzburg. Her involvement in co-organizing educational workshops and participation in international training sessions underscore her proactive engagement in academic and professional spheres.

Contributions and Research Focus

Sanjana's research endeavors pivot around Earth Observation Science, with a keen focus on understanding spatiotemporal changes in natural landscapes and their environmental implications. Her doctoral research, centered on the Tuchola forest in Poland, aims to decipher and forecast landscape transformations following storm events. Noteworthy contributions include research articles published in reputable journals, elucidating themes ranging from forest fragmentation susceptibility to land-cover change mapping.

Accolades and Recognition

Sanjana's scholarly contributions have garnered recognition and accolades within the scientific community. Her publications in esteemed journals and active participation in international workshops exemplify her scholarly prowess and commitment to advancing knowledge in Earth Observation Science.

Impact and Influence

Sanjana's research pursuits and technical expertise have positioned her as a promising Earth Observation Scientist, poised to make significant contributions to environmental science and geospatial research. Her interdisciplinary approach and dedication to exploring the complexities of natural systems underscore her potential to influence research paradigms and foster sustainable environmental stewardship.

Legacy and Future Contributions

As Sanjana continues to chart her academic trajectory, her legacy is poised to be defined by her scholarly contributions, collaborative endeavors, and commitment to addressing pressing environmental challenges. With a robust foundation in geospatial analysis and a fervent passion for understanding the Earth's dynamics, she is primed to carve a path of impactful research and contribute meaningfully to the scientific community's collective efforts towards environmental sustainability.

Notable Publications 

Predictors of enhancing human physical attractiveness: Data from 93 countries

M Kowal, P Sorokowski, K Pisanski, JV Valentova, MAC Varella, ...
Evolution and Human Behavior
Development of a hyper-avulsive river course during the Holocene on the Himalayan frontal plains

UD Saha, S Bhattacharya, HN Bhattacharya, A Islam, M Jaiswal, ...
Sanjana Dutt | Remote Sensing | Best Researcher Award

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