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Sohag university faculty of science, Egypt

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Early Academic Pursuits

Ali Ashry Elsayed Alaref embarked on his academic journey at Sohag University, Egypt, where he pursued a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry and Zoology, achieving an exceptional grade of 89.6% with the Highest Distinction of Honors. This laid a strong foundation for his future endeavors in the field of biological sciences.

Professional Endeavors

Following his undergraduate studies, Ali continued his academic pursuit by obtaining a Master of Science degree in Entomology and Environmental Toxicology from the Faculty of Science, Sohag University. His research focused on utilizing aquatic insects and mites as bioindicators of freshwater microplastics pollution in the Sohag Governorate, Egypt. This marked the beginning of his specialized focus on environmental entomology and toxicology.

Contributions and Research Focus

Throughout his career, Ali has made significant contributions to the fields of entomology, environmental science, and toxicology. His expertise lies in various aspects of environmental assessment, including the identification and quantification of microplastics in aquatic ecosystems, assessment of heavy metal contamination, and histological techniques. He has also conducted research on the effects of nanomaterials on biological systems, employing advanced methodologies such as real-time RT-PCR and genotoxicity assays.

Accolades and Recognition

Ali's dedication and contributions to his field have earned him recognition both locally and internationally. His research endeavors have been acknowledged through presentations at conferences and workshops, where he has demonstrated excellent communication skills and the ability to convey complex scientific concepts to diverse audiences.

Impact and Influence

As an assistant lecturer at Sohag University, Ali plays a vital role in shaping the next generation of scientists. Through his teaching of courses such as General Entomology, Environmental Science, and Molecular Biology, he imparts knowledge and practical skills to his students, fostering a deeper understanding of the intricate relationships between organisms and their environment.

Legacy and Future Contributions

Ali Ashry Elsayed Alaref's legacy lies in his dedication to advancing knowledge in environmental entomology and toxicology. His research has contributed valuable insights into the impacts of anthropogenic pollutants on ecosystems, laying the groundwork for future studies aimed at mitigating environmental degradation. With his passion for teaching and research, Ali continues to inspire others and drive positive change in his field.

Notable Publications 

Ali Ashry | Microplastic | Excellence in Research

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