Dr. Neha B UPADHAYAY | Digital and Services Innovation | Hypothesis Achievement Award


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Early Academic Pursuits:

Neha Bhardwaj Upadhayay's academic journey began with a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from Gujarat University, India, followed by a Master of Business Administration from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. These foundational studies provided her with a solid grounding in both technical and managerial disciplines, setting the stage for her future academic and professional pursuits.

Professional Endeavors:

Neha's professional trajectory has been marked by diverse roles across different industries. She served as a programmer analyst at Cognizant Technology Solutions, honing her skills in information technology and data analysis. Subsequently, she transitioned into managerial positions at Bharat Aluminium Company and Sasan Power Limited within the Reliance Group, where she gained valuable experience in strategic business planning and operations management. Currently, she serves as a faculty member and researcher at Euroakademie Euroschule in Wiesbaden, Germany, a visiting faculty at the Indian Institute of Information Technology in Lucknow, India, and an associate researcher at Université Paris Est Créteil in France.

Contributions and Research Focus:

Neha's research spans several domains within international economics, development studies, and firm-level analysis. Her doctoral thesis, titled "Uncovering the proliferation of contingent protection through channels of retaliation, gender, and development assistance," explored the complex interplay between trade protection mechanisms, gender dynamics, and development aid. Additionally, her work delves into topics such as trade facilitation, barriers to trade, and the role of innovation, digitalization, and project management at the firm level.

Accolades and Recognition:

Neha's doctoral thesis was recognized as one of the top 10% theses of the year by Université Paris Est, underscoring the quality and significance of her research contributions. Her active participation in conferences and seminars, including prestigious events such as the European Public Choice Society and the International Conference on Empirical Issues in International Trade & Finance, reflects her dedication to scholarly engagement and knowledge dissemination.

Impact and Influence:

Through her research, Neha aims to contribute to both academic discourse and policy formulation in areas such as trade policy, gender equality, and inclusive development. By uncovering the intricate dynamics of trade protection and its intersection with gender and development assistance, she seeks to inform more effective and equitable trade policies and practices at both national and international levels.

Legacy and Future Contributions:

Neha's legacy lies in her commitment to rigorous research, interdisciplinary collaboration, and inclusive development. As a faculty member and researcher, she strives to inspire and mentor the next generation of scholars and practitioners in international economics and development studies. Her future contributions are poised to further advance our understanding of global economic processes and promote inclusive and sustainable development strategies.

Notable Publications 

Blazing the trail: The role of digital and green servitization on technological innovation

Technovation, Volume 130, Upadhayay, N.B,...

The Link Between Aid-for-Trade and Contingent Protection

Foreign Trade Review, Upadhayay, N.B,...

Access to schools and learning outcomes of children with disabilities in Pakistan: findings from a household survey in four administrative units

International Journal of Inclusive Education, Upadhayay, N.B,...

Neha B UPADHAYAY | Digital and Services Innovation | Hypothesis Achievement Award

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