Dr. Guiqin XUE | Urban Logistics | Best Scholar Award

Xi’an University of Science and Technology, China

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Early Academic Pursuits

Guiqin Xue embarked on her academic journey with a Bachelor's degree in logistics management from Dalian University of Technology in 2016. Her foundational education provided her with a strong understanding of logistical principles and laid the groundwork for her subsequent research endeavors.

Professional Endeavors

Following her undergraduate studies, Xue pursued a Master's degree in logistics engineering at Chongqing Jiaotong University, where she delved deeper into the intricacies of urban logistics and distribution optimization. This period saw her engaging in research on proactive and reactive distribution strategies, utilizing techniques such as genetic algorithms and tabu search to address challenges in urban logistics.

Contributions and Research Focus

Xue's research has primarily revolved around optimization and scheduling in transportation and logistics. She has made significant contributions to the field through her studies on proactive and reactive distribution in urban logistics, instant delivery capacity scheduling, and optimization algorithms for vehicle routing problems. Her work has been published in prestigious conferences and journals, highlighting her expertise in the domain.

Accolades and Recognition

Guiqin Xue's contributions to the field have been recognized through various awards and accolades. She received the Second Prize of Excellent Paper Award at the 17th China Logistics Academic Annual Conference in 2018, showcasing the impact of her research on the logistics community. Additionally, she was recognized as an Outstanding Graduate of the City Institute at Dalian University of Technology in 2016, further validating her academic excellence.

Impact and Influence

Xue's research has had a tangible impact on the field of logistics and transportation, addressing critical challenges such as capacity allocation, scheduling optimization, and proactive distribution strategies. Her work has been disseminated through conferences, journal publications, and professional activities, contributing to the advancement of knowledge in the domain.

Legacy and Future Contributions

As a member of the Chinese Society of Systems Engineering and an active reviewer for esteemed journals and conferences, Guiqin Xue continues to contribute to the academic community. Her expertise in operational research and geo-information is evident through her blog and professional engagements, where she shares insights and promotes learning in the field. With her strong foundation, research acumen, and dedication to excellence, Xue is poised to make further contributions to the field of logistics and management science in the future.


Guiqin XUE | Urban Logistics | Best Scholar Award

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