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Shirley Silva | Biology and Life Sciences | Best Researcher Award

Dr Shirley Silva, Unioeste, Brazil

Dr. Shirley Martins Silva is a dedicated botanist and professor at the Universidade Estadual do Oeste do Paraná (UNIOESTE). She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences from UFPE, a Master’s in Plant Biology from UFPE, and a Ph.D. in Biological Sciences (Plant Biology) from UNESP. Her research focuses on plant anatomy, particularly in Cyperaceae, including Kranz anatomy, C4 photosynthesis, and xeromorphology. At UNIOESTE, she teaches undergraduate and postgraduate courses and contributes to the Herbário UNOP. Dr. Silva is recognized for her work in plant taxonomy and ultra-structural studies. 🌿📚🧬

Publication profile



🌿 Dr. Shirley Martins Silva, a dedicated botanist and professor at Universidade Estadual do Oeste do Paraná (UNIOESTE), specializes in plant anatomy. She earned her Ph.D. in Biological Sciences (Plant Biology) from UNESP in 2012, studying the anatomy of Cyperaceae with a focus on Kranz anatomy. Dr. Silva holds a Master’s in Plant Biology and a Bachelor’s in Biological Sciences from UFPE. Her research areas include plant anatomy, ontogeny, ultra-structure, and taxonomy, particularly in Cyperaceae. She teaches in undergraduate and postgraduate programs, contributing significantly to the field of plant science. 📚🌱📊

Research line

🌿🔬 O objetivo é compreender e relacionar a morfologia e anatomia de plantas nativas com aspectos taxonômicos e ecológicos, além de potencializar a produção vegetal a partir de estudos morfológicos e anatômicos. Esta pesquisa se insere na grande área das Ciências Biológicas, especificamente na Botânica, com foco em Taxonomia Vegetal e Morfologia Vegetal, destacando-se em Citologia Vegetal. As atividades são voltadas para o setor de outras atividades profissionais, científicas e técnicas, promovendo uma valorização e entendimento profundo dos ambientes naturais. 🍃🔍

Research project

Since 2021, the research team led by Elisete Maria de Freitas has been investigating the development of bioherbicides from Ilex paraguariensis and Hesperozygis ringens extracts as alternatives to chemical herbicides 🌿🔬. These studies focus on assessing the efficacy of these natural extracts against agricultural weeds like Echium plantagineum, Bidens pilosa, and Conyza bonariensis 🌱🚜. The research also examines the potential toxicity of these extracts on native plants, cultivated crops, soil microorganisms, and bees 🐝🌾. The ultimate goal is to develop environmentally friendly herbicidal products that promote sustainable agricultural practices 🌎🌱.


🎓🏆 In 2022, received the Prêmio Professor Aduc 3ª Edição from the Associação dos Docentes da Unioeste Cascavel. 🌟 In 2019, earned an honorable mention in the Grande área de Ciências Biológicas at the 5º Encontro Anual de Iniciação Científica, Tecnológicas e Inovação. 🌿 In 2017, received an honorable mention at the 3º Encontro Anual de Iniciação Científica, Tecnológicas e Inovação – 3º EAICTI, UNIOESTE. 🌱 Back in 2004, awarded an honorable mention for the work presented at the Sociedade Botânica do Brasil’s Prêmio Verde. 🏅

Research focus

Based on the provided publications, Shirley Martins Silva’s research focuses on plant morphology and anatomy, particularly emphasizing ecological adaptations and functional traits in various plant species. Her work spans across different biomes and ecosystems, including studies on leaf structure, seed germination, and the effects of environmental factors on plant growth. Silva’s research contributes to understanding plant biodiversity and conservation strategies, with a particular interest in Brazilian flora. 🌿 Her interdisciplinary approach integrates ecological insights with anatomical details, aiming to elucidate how plants adapt to their environments and respond to anthropogenic and natural changes.

Publication top notes

Ecological inferences in Orchidaceae species from the Brazilian subtropical Atlantic Forest based on morphological and functional anatomical traits

Protoderm versus fundamental meristem origin of the fiber strands in cyperaceae: terminology implications

Efeito alelopático da Cyperus rotundus L. sobre a germinação de bioindicadoras e no crescimento inicial do milho (Zea mays)

Foliar structural differences between glyphosate-resistant and glyphosate-susceptible biotypes of Digitaria insularis (L.) Fedde

Phytotoxicity of aqueous extract of Ilex paraguariensis A.St.-Hil on Conyza bonariensis (L). Cronquist

Morphology, anatomy and leaf ultrastructure of Froelichia tomentosa (Mart.) Moq. (Amaranthaceae) – a critically endangered species in Brazil

Effect of seed coat rupture on the germination of Mimosa flocculosa Burkart (Leguminosae) seeds

Why preserve the southernmost fields of Brazil?

Anatomia e fisiologia de sementes de <i>Peltophorum dubium</i> (Spreng.) Taub. submetidas ao armazenamento

Shirley Silva | Biology and Life Sciences | Best Researcher Award

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