Marc-Andreas Muendler | Social Sciences | Best Researcher Award

Marc-Andreas Muendler | Social Sciences | Best Researcher Award

Prof Marc-Andreas Muendler, University of California, San Diego, United States

Prof. Marc-Andreas Muendler is a distinguished professor at the University of California, San Diego, specializing in economics since July 2017 and serving as the Department Chair since July 2023. He is the founding director of the Globalization and Prosperity Lab (GP-lab). With extensive affiliations, he is a research professor at the ifo Institute, a research associate at NBER, and a research fellow at CESifo. His work focuses on international trade, economic growth, and labor economics. His research has been published in top-tier journals, highlighting his influential contributions to the field 🌍📚👨‍🏫.

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🎓 Ph.D. in Economics from the University of California, Berkeley, with a dissertation titled “Essays on International Trade, Growth, and Finance” (May 2002). 📚 Spent 2000-01 as a visiting doctoral student at Pontifícia Universidade Católica in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 🌍 Holds a Diplom-Volkswirt in Economics from Ludwig Maximilian University Munich, with a thesis on “The Impact of Government on Family Planning” (May 1998). 🎓 Earned an M.A. in Economics from Boston University (September 1997) and a Baccalaureat in Economics from Ludwig Maximilian University Munich (September 1996). 🌟


Marc-Andreas Muendler is a distinguished Revelle College Faculty Fellow at UC San Diego (2023-2024). He has collaborated with Reto Follmi and Hartmut Egger on projects funded by SNF and DFG (2021-2024). Muendler’s article on offshoring was among the top five most cited in the Journal of International Economics (2014-2016). He has co-investigated research for CEPR, PEDL, and Weiss Family Program Fund. He received numerous grants from NSF and the World Bank. Muendler’s work earned him the UCSD Faculty Teaching Award (2013-14) and the Journal of Development Economics Prize (2001). 🏆📊🌍

Research focus

Dr. Marc-Andreas Muendler’s research focuses on international trade and its economic impacts. His work explores firm-level export behaviors, market learning in employee spinoffs, and the relationship between trade and inequality. His studies often analyze data from various countries, examining how trade policies influence labor markets, wage inequality, and the allocation of tasks and skills both onshore and offshore. Key themes in his research include export dynamics, firm productivity, and multinational labor substitution. Dr. Muendler’s comprehensive approach bridges theoretical models with empirical evidence to better understand global economic patterns and their implications. 🌍📈💼👩‍🔬

Publication top notes

Do employee spinoffs learn markets from their parents? Evidence from international trade

Trade and inequality: From theory to estimation

Trade and tasks: An exploration over three decades in Germany

Export or merge? Proximity vs. concentration in product space

Exporters and their products: A collection of empirical regularities

Sources of wage inequality

Offshoring and the onshore composition of tasks and skills

Employee spinoffs and other entrants: Stylized facts from Brazil

Margins of multinational labor substitution


MBOHOU Sylvain | Social Sciences | Best Researcher Award

MBOHOU Sylvain | Social Sciences | Best Researcher Award

Dr MBOHOU Sylvain, Universidade Estadual do Maranhão, UEMA, Brazil

Dr MBOHOU Sylvain is an Assistant Professor specializing in the History of Contemporary Africa and The Global South in International Relations. Currently a postdoctoral researcher at Universidade Estadual do Maranhão, Brazil, they also serve on the editorial committees of Nouvelle Afrique Editions and the International Journal of Business Diplomacy and Economy. With a Ph.D. in African History and International Relations from the University of Dschang, their research focuses on slavery, international relations, and heritage management. They have extensive teaching experience in Cameroon and have authored several impactful theses and reports. 🌟✍️

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Dr. Dr MBOHOU Sylvain is an Assistant Professor teaching courses like “History of Contemporary Africa” and “The Global South in International Relations” since April 2024. Currently a postdoctoral researcher at Universidade Estadual do Maranhão, Brazil, since June 2023, he also serves on the editorial committees of Nouvelle Afrique Editions and the International Journal of Business Diplomacy and Economy. An expert for AFFADA in Cameroon since 2015, he has been an associate researcher at CERPETA since 2014. He previously taught history at various institutions in Cameroon from 2009 to 2023. 🌍📚✍️✨

Academic Training and Certifications

Dr. MBOHOU Sylvain earned a Ph.D. in African History and International Relations from the University of Dschang, Cameroon, in 2021, graduating with the distinction “Very Honorable.” Prior to this, he completed a Master II in History of International Relations (2010-2012) and a Master I in the same field (2009-2010) at the same university. His academic journey began with a Bachelor’s Degree in History of International Relations, focusing on Political Science (2008-2009). He also obtained a Baccalaureate A4 in Spanish at the Government Classical High School of Malantouen in 2006. 📚🌍🎓


In 2024, I received a grant from the University of Virginia’s Center for Global Inquiry and Innovation (CGII). In 2023, I was awarded the Scientific Mobility Grant for the International Conference on “Slavery and Post-Slavery in Modern African History” and a scholarship from FAPEMA in collaboration with UEMA, Brazil. Additionally, I received an international scientific mobility grant from the Fondation pour la Mémoire de l’Esclavage (FME) and was a finalist for their best thesis competition on slavery. I also look forward to the Sue Peabody Award to support my attendance at the FCHS annual meeting. 🌍📚✨

Research focus

Sylvain Mbohou’s research focuses on the historical dynamics of slavery and post-slavery societies, particularly the experiences of enslaved children in the Bamum Kingdom of West Cameroon. His work explores the intersections of vulnerability, dependence, and social structures within these contexts. Through a detailed examination of the Bamum’s involvement in transatlantic and Arab-Muslim slave trades, Mbohou provides insights into the socio-cultural impacts on enslaved communities. His studies contribute to a deeper understanding of historical injustices and their lasting effects on contemporary societies. 📜🔍👶🏽✨

Publication top notes

Vulnerability and Dependence in Slavery and Post-Slavery Societies: A Historicisation of the Enslaved Children (<i>Pon Pekpen)</i> from the Bamum Kingdom West Cameroon)


Chuma Maxwele | Social Sciences | Best Researcher Award

Chuma Maxwele | Social Sciences | Best Researcher Award

Dr Chuma Maxwele, Nelson Mandela University, South Africa

Dr. Chuma Maxwele is an accomplished economist with a PhD from Nelson Mandela University 🏫. He holds a Master’s in Commerce in Economics 🎓, along with a Bachelor’s in Education (Economics and Business Management) from the University of Fort Hare 📘. His expertise spans international trade, applied microeconomics, and econometrics 📈. Dr. Maxwele has taught at various educational institutions and conducted significant research, focusing on economic complexity and governance in Sub-Saharan Africa 🌍. He is proficient in Xhosa and English 🌐 and has published multiple papers in renowned journals 📑.

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🎓 Dr. Chuma Maxwele’s academic journey began at Qokolweni S.S.S., Mthatha, where he completed Grade 12 with top marks in IsiXhosa, English, Mathematics, and more. He earned a Bachelor of Education in Economics and Business Management from the University of Fort Hare (2012-2015), excelling in modules like Basic Classroom Research and Community Development. At Nelson Mandela University, he achieved a Post Graduate Diploma in Applied Economics (2017) and later, a Master’s in Commerce in Economics, specializing in Advanced Macroeconomics and Economic Impact Assessment. Dr. Maxwele culminated his studies with a PhD in Economics, producing an impactful thesis. 📚🌟

Research Skills

Conducted basic classroom research at UFH, and a research treatise at NMU. Completed a research paper on “Developing content knowledge in Economics” and “Effect of the exchange rate on economic growth in South Africa” over two months (August-September 2015) at UFH, and 11 months at NMU.

Research focus

Chuma Maxwele’s research focuses on the intersection of economic complexity and governance in Sub-Saharan Africa. His work explores how intricate economic activities and structures impact the quality of governance across different countries. By analyzing cross-country data, he aims to uncover patterns and relationships that can inform policy and drive sustainable development. This research is crucial for understanding how economic diversity and sophistication contribute to better governance outcomes, ultimately fostering growth and stability in the region. 🌍📊🔍📈

Publication top notes

Economic Complexity and Good Governance in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Cross Country Analysis


Social Sciences Excellence Award

Social Sciences Excellence Award


Welcome to the Social Sciences Excellence Award, recognizing outstanding achievements and contributions in the field of social sciences. This prestigious award celebrates individuals or teams who have made significant advancements in understanding human behavior, society, and culture.

About the Award:

The Social Sciences Excellence Award honors scholars, researchers, and practitioners who have demonstrated excellence in the social sciences. From pioneering research to impactful community initiatives, this award celebrates endeavors that deepen our understanding of human societies and contribute to positive social change.


  • Open to individuals and teams worldwide
  • No age limits
  • Candidates must have made notable contributions to the field of social sciences
  • Qualifications may include relevant degrees, professional experience, or demonstrated expertise in social science research or practice
  • Publications, research papers, or other scholarly works are encouraged



Evaluation Criteria:

  • Significance and originality of contributions to the field
  • Methodological rigor and soundness of research
  • Impact on advancing knowledge and understanding in social sciences
  • Relevance and applicability of findings to real-world issues

Submission Guidelines:

  • Submit a detailed description of the contributions or achievements in the social sciences
  • Provide evidence of impact, such as publications, research outputs, or testimonials
  • Include any relevant publications, research papers, or other supporting documentation
  • Follow the specified format and submission deadlines


Recipients of the Social Sciences Excellence Award receive a prestigious certificate, public recognition through various channels, and opportunities for further collaboration and support from academic and professional networks.

Community Impact:

The Social Sciences Excellence Award aims to inspire and empower individuals and organizations to address pressing social challenges and foster positive social change. By recognizing and promoting excellence in social science research and practice, this award contributes to building a more informed, inclusive, and equitable society.


Applicants are invited to provide a brief biography highlighting their contributions to the social sciences, relevant experience, and notable achievements in the field.

Abstract and Supporting Files:

Include a comprehensive abstract summarizing the contributions or achievements in the social sciences, including objectives, methodology, findings, and implications. Supporting files such as research papers, publications, or project reports can enhance the submission and demonstrate the impact and significance of the work.